One of a kind experiences

Golden Palms Events is the foremost destination management company in Marrakech, Morocco, recommended by the city finest hotels.

Specialist in themed events design, unique tours, sightseeing, audio visual production, one of a kind experiences, team building , dining and catering, transportation management, and meeting planning support.

Events, meetings and conventions involve 100 of logistical and production considerations, when Golden Palms Events begins planning, we pour over every detail.

Our sophisticated computer tracking of events details guarantees flawless results. No messed deadlines, no lost information. Golden Palms Events DMC is unique for we have a full service av production agency in house, with Golden Palms Events DMC crews designing and operating Staging systems and lighting.

Relying on Golden Palms Events expertise to maximize the impact of your events, handling every detail while letting you and your stuff focus on the big picture.

The bottom line is this

When you want to expand the reach of your Marrakech event rely on Golden Palms Events DMC’s digital communication network to broadcast from your shell booth or meeting room to anywhere around the globe with streaming webcast, video conferences and via satellite.

And if you need a corporate video production step onto the stages of Golden Palms Events DMC’s studios and experience the magic of virtual sets and exiting interactive digital communication that will express your message in dynamic new ways. The bottom line is this: Golden Palms Events DMC’s will ensure that your event is spectacular yet affordable.

Our multi lingual event stuff will guide you from beginning to end with innovative event design; new technologies unbridle creativity and imagination. We will follow your vision, communicate you ideas and work under your leadership to motivate your team and create success.

Our name says it all we are Golden Palms Events DMC a full service destination management and events Production Company; we take pride in having in house expertise to meet your objectives, maximize your budget, insure success and create a spectacular experience.

When you sign on with us we will ensure to create an event with the standards you demand and deserve.


Marrakech Morocco & Beyond

Connected to the world

Morocco is the most accessible and exotic destination, connected to the world through a reliable network of airports and roads.

We provide incoming related services.

Every guest is cherished, and we spare no effort to deliver comprehensive, tailored and inventive solutions for all your destination management needs in Marrakech, Morocco and beyond.


We propose a large range of technical equipment, furniture and decor, which can be rented for events that do not require our creative input. Our experts would help you bring your concept to life.

Event production in the most resourceful way

Our team has the essential skills required to develop creative experiential concepts and carry out every aspects of event production in the most resourceful way.

Whether it’s large-scale corporate events, or more intimate personal ones, our dedication drives us to select methodically each and every detail, from the venue to the flower arrangements, to trigger your audience’s admiration.

Our ambition is to ensure that your conferences, exhibitions, brand activation, media launches, charity awards, or weddings and receptions reach your target in the most optimal way.

We take care of:



From breathtaking venues to unfailing logistics and cutting edge professionals

Morocco is the ideal choice

Thanks to a substantial selection of exceptional venues, along with an extensive network of trustworthy experts, Morocco is the ideal choice to host a wide variety of Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, Exhibitions and Corporate Events.

We offer access, at preferential rates, to all the ingredients to ensure your MICE are effective and productive, from breathtaking venues to unfailing logistics and cutting edge professionals.

We assure you an impactful experience for selected guests or a couple of thousand attendees.


We Make Amazing Things Every Day.


We create activities focusing on specific areas of team-building performance:

Leadership development, creative thinking, trust, co-operation, negotiation, innovation, interaction and many others.

We organize customized outdoor programs that involve a variety of locations, cultural environments, and educational experiences from mild adventure to physically challenging activities.

We ensure you out of the box ideas to meet your goals and invigorate your teams.